Friday, April 10, 2009


Another long day @ work so this will be a short post before I hit the sack. 1 week until my internship is over... I can't believe it! Right now I am dealing w/ a lot of unknown outcomes in my life... I won't mention them all but lets just say i'm definitely in a stressed/worried mode. This weekend kinda sucks too. Working both days, then on Easter it is suppose to rain :(

This lil babe has brought some joy to my life tho recently..
Cole and I have been dog sitting for a few days :) This is SUGAR! I wanna keep her...

So I stumbled across these Spring 09 Louis Vuitton shoes.. I think I am in love. I know they aren't practical at all but just LOOK at that design!!!!!!!! *gasps


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Giovanna said...

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