Thursday, April 5, 2012


Clearly it has been 2 years since I have blogged and since I have had all the time in the world to do nothing recently, I decided it's time.....
I'm BACK! :)
Much has changed.. I won't bore you with details but I will give you an overview of my current life- work as an assistant manager at Gap factory. (obsessed), I am single & live in a bad ass loft, and my close girlfriends all live close to me still. I have been a big un-inspired by music lately, although I did jam out at the Eisley concert at the Granada last Sunday. Trying to find new music to capture my attention recently is hard.. I am in between a mellow, folky, acoustic vibe and a girly pop punk style. Since my cable hasn't been working recently, I'm currently obsessed with a certain book that I would be embarassed to share the name.. but its great! I recently joined a yoga studio again and began practice Saturday. Must say it has helped me sort through a few crazy things that have happened in the past few weeks and come to a controlled calmness. I combine my yoga practice with jogging at least 2 miles, 3 days a week. Summer is approaching fast, we have to got to hussle!!!
With Easter less than 4 days away, I decided to dedicate my first post back to ALL THINGS PASTEL!

Of course these are via my all time loves. i am very obsessed with colored denim for the summer. What a better way to show off a litle leg then with a pop of brightness!?
Next us is from J crew. I always said if I didn't work for Gap I would be at J Crew. Maybe one day!

okay so I threw a little chambray in there.. but I mean come on, everyone has to own some version of a denim top in their wardrobe. I am just obsessed with these pops of color in stores! EVERYONE must get on board!
I wish I was still... A. 10 years old and B. still lived at home so I could get a pretty Easter basket and hunt for eggs this weekend. How much fun were those days!? Maybe one day I can do that for my little one.. *lets be for REAL, when is THAT going to be?*

Have a HOPPY Easter!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Put a lil spring in your step!

Feeling very uninspired lately, I decided to take a look at Spring 2010 RTW lines... Beyond the boyfriend slouchy vibes, romantic prints & nautical wear, I found some amazing pieces that have me looking forward to re-vamping my closet in the near future.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's almost fall!

well well. It has certainly been a while! I just haven't had time to mess with blogging because I finally have a J-O-B!! I'm a visual coordinator lead for Banana Republic! It's been hella busy, but so far I love it!! This week coming up will be pretty intense though... I probably will not be getting too much sleep. :(

For those of you in the Plano/Dallas area... Agaci is having a grand opening at Willowbend mall Thursday night & Saturday morning/afternoon!! a DJ, refreshments, free manicures & prizes will be given I will definitely be there! Check out some of my favorite pics from their website!! I'm in love.. and hope they have these items!

so cute huh!? I hope I get some good deals Saturday! wooo.

I need to upload pics soon from Banana & of Tucker!! He's getting so big.. its weird!

Cole got a teaching & coaching job in Mckinney- he loves it too.. but he works a TON so I never really get to see him a ton. Thats okay tho!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Interview #7

Well Well....

Tomorrow is interview #7 with a boutique called Charming Charlie. I'm excited, it's super cute accessories for cheap and is right down the street from me!

i'm not sure where this exactly is... but oh well you get the idea. Kinda like a sam moon but better!

Well.. Forever 21 hasn't called me back yet, It has been 15 days since interview #1 and i'm getting very impatient.. I dont really know what to do! UGH!

So I made a Visual portfolio finally. Its not that exciting, but I need to find a way to upload it online.. it's basically just snapshots of my random visual projects. I wish I could get a visual merchandising job somewhere! I heard banana had an opening but no one will call me back :( so sad.

Anyone else in the fashion world having problems finding a job!?


So! Since FALL 2009 is right around the corner, I am going to feature a different trend during every posting!
There are just so many that I can't even decide which one is my favorite.. but I definitely like


forever 21- 12 bucks

Alright time to read my new book- Trading Up by Candance Bushnell and hit the sack!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please forgive me for never writing. I don't even have an excuse.. I have no JOB! UGH.

Someone hire me plz :(

Here's some of the places I've been looking at recently for inspiration... I wanna decorate my apt cuter but thats a lost hope. I move in November so no point!

One up wall graphics

pretty cute idea... I bought one from Hobby Lobby though for a lot cheaper that says some corny phrase about moments and life <3

I'm also very obsessed w/ flowers still....

Side Note: WTF is up w/ John and the 22 yr old!?! ENGAGED!?!? mmmmm weird.

Alright.. thats all for now. Sorry so lame. I had my 22nd birthday and now I am job hunting.. Lets see if I can get a normal job!?

Twitter me!! @elenewhitlock


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Puppy face

I know I haven't posted in a while.. my life has gone crazy. So much has happend recently it is ridiculous.


Anyway, here is my new puppy to make me smile.... Love it?? I do!!

My men :)



soooo that is who is taking up my time now.. and not to mention I have 3 interviews coming up as well......... WOO!


Friday, April 10, 2009


Another long day @ work so this will be a short post before I hit the sack. 1 week until my internship is over... I can't believe it! Right now I am dealing w/ a lot of unknown outcomes in my life... I won't mention them all but lets just say i'm definitely in a stressed/worried mode. This weekend kinda sucks too. Working both days, then on Easter it is suppose to rain :(

This lil babe has brought some joy to my life tho recently..
Cole and I have been dog sitting for a few days :) This is SUGAR! I wanna keep her...

So I stumbled across these Spring 09 Louis Vuitton shoes.. I think I am in love. I know they aren't practical at all but just LOOK at that design!!!!!!!! *gasps