Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please forgive me for never writing. I don't even have an excuse.. I have no JOB! UGH.

Someone hire me plz :(

Here's some of the places I've been looking at recently for inspiration... I wanna decorate my apt cuter but thats a lost hope. I move in November so no point!

One up wall graphics

pretty cute idea... I bought one from Hobby Lobby though for a lot cheaper that says some corny phrase about moments and life <3

I'm also very obsessed w/ flowers still....

Side Note: WTF is up w/ John and the 22 yr old!?! ENGAGED!?!? mmmmm weird.

Alright.. thats all for now. Sorry so lame. I had my 22nd birthday and now I am job hunting.. Lets see if I can get a normal job!?

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