Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Interview #7

Well Well....

Tomorrow is interview #7 with a boutique called Charming Charlie. I'm excited, it's super cute accessories for cheap and is right down the street from me!

i'm not sure where this exactly is... but oh well you get the idea. Kinda like a sam moon but better!

Well.. Forever 21 hasn't called me back yet, It has been 15 days since interview #1 and i'm getting very impatient.. I dont really know what to do! UGH!

So I made a Visual portfolio finally. Its not that exciting, but I need to find a way to upload it online.. it's basically just snapshots of my random visual projects. I wish I could get a visual merchandising job somewhere! I heard banana had an opening but no one will call me back :( so sad.

Anyone else in the fashion world having problems finding a job!?


So! Since FALL 2009 is right around the corner, I am going to feature a different trend during every posting!
There are just so many that I can't even decide which one is my favorite.. but I definitely like


forever 21- 12 bucks

Alright time to read my new book- Trading Up by Candance Bushnell and hit the sack!


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